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App Advertising Semester Group Assignment

Final Pres Mc 3031

Concept: Parking lots in the city and on campus are crowded. This app updates parking lot openings in real time and allows users to reserve a spot through other members leaving their spot. Users can also see how full or empty a lot is.

I created the idea for this app, and my group took off with it. We have a well-thought plan with minor glitches. Our artwork could really be improved, but we had no graphic designers on our team.

Lumehouse Studio

I started at Lumehouse Studios working as an intern in December 2015. I worked mostly on marketing. Lumehouse wanted to get on the radar of local ad agencies in Baton Rouge and surrounding areas, so we created a special box with the company’s reel.


Although I don’t have pictures, the small white box contained a flash drive with our logo encompassing the drive and Lumehouse’s film reel on it. There was a personalized note to each company, signed by our Creative Director, and our Creative Director’s business card. The box was filled with square foam with slits for all the contents. The box was sealed with a personalized sticker for our targeted member on the ad team.

Social Media

Along with my time here, I was promoted to Social Media Manager. I promoted the company through Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. I posted daily on each platform and even connected with various companies through our platforms. I worked on social media and held this position for 3 months.

While here, I created special content for the sites and made all of our platforms cohesive and presentable for the public.

This was a Facebook Banner headline that I made using Adobe Photoshop and Indesign.

Lumehouse cover photo

Here is a gif I made on Adobe Photoshop for our company. The pictures are those used exclusively on our Equipment Rentals website.




I worked on several sets as a Production Assistant, including this TJ Ribs Spot.

T.J. Ribs | Louisiana Legends from Lumehouse Studios on Vimeo.

When I expressed interest in working on pre-production and producing, the Creative Director let me and another intern take the lead on this Walk-On’s project. He let us plan some stages of pre-production and planning. We brainstormed a shot list for this shoot, and most of our shots made it into the actual spot.

Walk-Ons 8-24-16 from Lumehouse Studios on Vimeo.

Spoon University Summer 2016

The Disgusting Truth Behind Prison Food in America This was a very in-depth article I wrote, & it was featured in the weekly Spoon e-mail newsletter. This article reached more than 12,000 views.

How to Make Your Popcorn Last for 2 Weeks As a popcorn enthusiast, I wanted to share this kitchen hack with the world.

This Chemical in Your Plastic Water Bottle Could Kill You BPA is a deadly chemical found in almost all plastic, and not many people know what it is or what effects it has on the body.

Energizing No-Bake Blueberry Banana Balls This is just a fun recipe another member and I worked on.

Spoon University LSU 2015-2016

I have been a member of Spoon LSU since September of 2015. I was named Editorial Director in January of 2016, which is my current position until the end of the calendar year. I have written numerous article that have been posted on the national and local level.

Which LSU Bar Are You? This quiz generated more than 23,000 page views. In the big picture, this number is a little more than half of LSU’s student body for that school year!

The 8 Most Essential Mardi Gras Eats Being from New Orleans, this was an easy and fun article to contribute to. Hannah Rote and I collaborated on this Mardi Gras feature. This local article produced a around 2,000 views.

A Definitive Ranking of Baton Rouge Fried Chicken This was a comparison of the typical, popular college student chicken restaurants.

7 Fine Dining Rules You Probably Didn’t Know Know how to properly cut the cheese at the table? It’s not what you think. This article explores fine dining rules of the 21st century.

What Grub Spot On Campus Are You? Just a short quiz based on your zodiac sign, comparing each sign with an LSU grub spot.

Is It Better To Drink Water Cold Or At Room Temperature? I’ve asked this question a million times, so I decided to do a little research.

FMA 2001 Video Projects

Short film

For Intro to film, FMA 2001, we had to make 2 films. For the first, it was to be a short film. The theme of the film was “miscommunication.” Everything we did in production and every question we had while filming, we asked ourselves how we could effectively portray this theme.

Two students in the same class were meeting up to study for an upcoming test. The boy in the film came prepared to study, while the girl thought of the meeting as a “study date.” She brought no paper, textbook, or backpack to the coffee shop to study with. Eventually, the girl finds out that this isn’t the date she was expecting and the boy has other plans.

We wanted to portray their feelings without showing their faces and facial expressions. This was quite a challenge. I edited the video together and worked as a PA, writer, and did a little directing on set.

 This is their awkward experience.

I wish we would have got different shots, had more time to rehearse scenes, and had used more equipment, like mics.


Internet dating, especially sites like Tinder and Bumble is huge among millennials. We wanted to sit down with students and ask them questions about the site and personal experiences. We interviewed any willing participant we knew.

The Right Swipe explored questions like What do you gain from using Tinder? Do you take internet dating seriously? Is internet dating a legitimate way to meet someone? Would you rely on internet dating to find someone?

I edited the entire project in one day in about 8-9 hours using Adobe PremierePro CC.

Charleston Photo Essay

This is another project I created for MC 2015, Visual Communication. I took these photos on my iPhone 6 while visiting Charleston. I used Adobe InDesign and Photoshop to create my project. We were told to create a photo essay using 5 pictures and some 50 characters of text. The essay could cover anything.

Being someone interested in travel and food, I decided to use photographs I took on a previous trip to Charleston. I fell in love with the southern city and decided to use Charleston for the class’ final project.

Charleston Photo Essay

Manship Education Flier

This was a project for MC  2015, Visual Communication. This was one of my first times using Adobe. The purpose of this project was to create a new flier for the LSU Manship School of Mass Communication that effective translated the “1, 2, 3’s of a Manship Education.”

Manship Education Flier

I created this flyer using Adobe InDesign and Adobe Photoshop.

I wish I had added more texture to the background, instead of plain white.