FMA 2001 Video Projects

Short film

For Intro to film, FMA 2001, we had to make 2 films. For the first, it was to be a short film. The theme of the film was “miscommunication.” Everything we did in production and every question we had while filming, we asked ourselves how we could effectively portray this theme.

Two students in the same class were meeting up to study for an upcoming test. The boy in the film came prepared to study, while the girl thought of the meeting as a “study date.” She brought no paper, textbook, or backpack to the coffee shop to study with. Eventually, the girl finds out that this isn’t the date she was expecting and the boy has other plans.

We wanted to portray their feelings without showing their faces and facial expressions. This was quite a challenge. I edited the video together and worked as a PA, writer, and did a little directing on set.

 This is their awkward experience.

I wish we would have got different shots, had more time to rehearse scenes, and had used more equipment, like mics.


Internet dating, especially sites like Tinder and Bumble is huge among millennials. We wanted to sit down with students and ask them questions about the site and personal experiences. We interviewed any willing participant we knew.

The Right Swipe explored questions like What do you gain from using Tinder? Do you take internet dating seriously? Is internet dating a legitimate way to meet someone? Would you rely on internet dating to find someone?

I edited the entire project in one day in about 8-9 hours using Adobe PremierePro CC.


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