Spoon University Summer 2016

The Disgusting Truth Behind Prison Food in America This was a very in-depth article I wrote, & it was featured in the weekly Spoon e-mail newsletter. This article reached more than 12,000 views.

How to Make Your Popcorn Last for 2 Weeks As a popcorn enthusiast, I wanted to share this kitchen hack with the world.

This Chemical in Your Plastic Water Bottle Could Kill You BPA is a deadly chemical found in almost all plastic, and not many people know what it is or what effects it has on the body.

Energizing No-Bake Blueberry Banana Balls This is just a fun recipe another member and I worked on.


An Inside Look At Barcadia’s New Menu

This is an article I wrote for Spoon LSU. Barcadia invited some members of the Spoon team to try their new menu items. I wrote an article on the items we tried, based off of our opinion of the food. It was great working with Barcadia’s team to make this happen. Spoon LSU loves teaming up with local businesses, especially when the food is as dank as Barcadia’s.

An Inside Look At Barcadia’s New Menu

Spoon University LSU 2015-2016

I have been a member of Spoon LSU since September of 2015. I was named Editorial Director in January of 2016, which is my current position until the end of the calendar year. I have written numerous article that have been posted on the national and local level.

Which LSU Bar Are You? This quiz generated more than 23,000 page views. In the big picture, this number is a little more than half of LSU’s student body for that school year!

The 8 Most Essential Mardi Gras Eats Being from New Orleans, this was an easy and fun article to contribute to. Hannah Rote and I collaborated on this Mardi Gras feature. This local article produced a around 2,000 views.

A Definitive Ranking of Baton Rouge Fried Chicken This was a comparison of the typical, popular college student chicken restaurants.

7 Fine Dining Rules You Probably Didn’t Know Know how to properly cut the cheese at the table? It’s not what you think. This article explores fine dining rules of the 21st century.

What Grub Spot On Campus Are You? Just a short quiz based on your zodiac sign, comparing each sign with an LSU grub spot.

Is It Better To Drink Water Cold Or At Room Temperature? I’ve asked this question a million times, so I decided to do a little research.